Where I Shop

SO many people ask me where I shop, so here’s my list of faves!

Forever 21 (the online store has more styles and sizes)
City Chic
Nordstrom’s Rack
Society Plus
Fashion To Figure
Zelie For She
Tunnel Vision

High Price Point

Monif C.
Z by Zevarra


Bras: Jenette Bras (for So Cal residents only. from D to H cup.)
Lane Bryant (for basics: camis, tanks, bras, and panties)
Hips and Curves
Curvy Couture Intimates

AND ALSO, don’t hesitate to check your local thrift stores and closet sales. I thrift a pretty often, and if you find something drab and dull, you can ALWAYS tye-dye it, cut it, bleach it, or other ways to reinvent it and make it your own. Also, try second hand apps like Depop or Poshmark (my account here). Plenty of people have current fashionable clothing for discounted prices.

if you have anymore questions, tweet me!


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